Encryption Services

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SMB Computing Limited can secure your data stored on desktop computers, laptops, external storage devices and servers.

Our advanced software automatically encrypts all hard drive contents, including the operating system, system files and temporary and erased files. All partitions are boot-protected and encrypted and as a result, attempts to copy individual files, or introduce rogue programs for brute force attacks, are made impossible. Even if the hard drive is physically transferred to another computer.

Can you be sure your business is storing it's data safely?

No? Are you aware that if data of your clients or employees is left in an secure manner it is fact breaching the Data Protection Act 1998?

We can help by encrypting your laptops, desktops and servers with the latest technology to keep your identity and data private in the event of loss or theft. Our software prevents unauthorised users from accessing or manipulating information stored on your equipment.

  • Hard Drive Encryption - Automatically encrypts hard drive contents, including operating system, system files and erased files.
  • Work with all other Security Software - It's compatible with all other software including your existing security package.
  • Pre-Boot authentication - Prevents unauthorised users from accessing information stored on your systems.
  • Invisible, Automatic Operation - You never have to think about what to protect - everything is automatically encrypted.